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Frequently Asked Questions

“What happens if I do not wish to use this PayPal renewal service?”
All magazines, including subscriptions are still available to purchase through the 3DTotal Shop. But the offer of '12 Magazines for the Price of 8' will not be available.

“What format are your magazines available in?”
Our magazines are available as downloadable PDFs, in both high-res and low-res formats.

“Can I get a printed version of your magazines?”
Unfortunately not. This is something we’re always looking into, but at the moment we can offer our magazines as downloadable PDFs only.

“Can I read your magazines on my iPod/iPad?”
We don’t produce a version of our magazines for iPod/iPad, however our third-party partners PixelMag do – they can be found on iTunes under “2DArtist” or “3DCreative”.

First issue: Shop account: When you purchase a subscription, whatever issue it starts with will instantly become available for download from your account in our online shop. Please note that this download link will expire after 48 hours. Please contact “moc.latotd3@troppus” if you need a new download link.

Future issues: Download Manager account: For the following issues, a unique account will be set up for you in the 3DTotal Download Manager system. You will be able to use this account to access and download each month’s magazine.

Once the magazine has been released each month, you will automatically receive an email from “moc.latotd3@1selas”. This email will inform you that the latest issue is now ready for download, and will contain full instructions about how to access your download link, including your unique username and password and a link to the download manager system. You will continue to receive this email on a monthly basis until your subscription expires, so please make sure that your email account has been set up to receive emails from “moc.latotd3@1selas” to prevent our emails from being treated as spam/junk mail.

You will have one month to start each download in your download manager account. Once the download has been started, you'll then have 48 hours to complete your download before it expires. Please contact “moc.latotd3@troppus” if you need a new download link.

"How will I know when my subscription has ended?"
Once your subscription ends, you will be sent an email reminder to let you know that you will need to purchase a new subscription in order to receive the latest issue. This email will contain direct links to our online shop, where you can purchase another subscription, and will be sent to the same email address as your download links.

"I'm interested in running an advertisement in your magazines, but I don't know how much it'll cost or which sizes you handle (full page, half page, etc.). What are my options?"

We currently offer just the full-page advertising space, but if you have any other requirements (for example, a half-page or quarter-page) then we will look into the possibility of slotting these into the magazine – and pricing them accordingly. Please contact moc.latotd3@egroeg for further help, advice and details on pricing.

If your question is not here, please contact us on moc.latotd3@troppus and we shall do our best to help you out with your query.

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