August 2006

Once again to 2DArtist magazine. Please continue to write in and tell us what you think of the mag. We want to make sure that we are aiming it at every single on of you.

Artist Interviews
Cover artist Freelancer Emrah Elmasli and Olivier Derouetteau are this months chosen artists.

We have 2 amazing articles for you this month. Pierfilippo Siena’s second part of his ‘History of Matte Painting’ and Christophe Vacher takes us
through his experience of changing from real brush to Digital Stylus. Any artists wanting to make a start in 2d dare not miss this one!

Our King Kong digital painting tutorial comes to a finish with part 3 ‘painting Ann Darrow’.

Making of’s
No less than 4 making of’s completes this months lineup. Sirens by Jimi Benedict, Angel Attack! by Daniele Bigi, Mephistophelia by Ivan Mijatov and our Digital Art Masters exclusive ‘Captain of the Guard’ by Eric Wilkerson.

Olivier Derouetteau

Emrah Elmasli

A History of Matte Painting part 2 by Pierfilippo Siena

From Real Brush to Digital Stylus

by Christophe Vacher

King Kong part 3

Painting Ann Darrow by Adonihs

Elements Digital Painting Series


by Richard Tilbury

Elements Digital Painting Series


by Stephanie R Loftis

Making Of
'Sirens' by Jimi Benedict

Making Of
'Angel Attack!'

by Daniele Bigi

Making Of

by Ivan Mijatov

10 of the best images from around the World

Making Of
'Captain of the Guard'
by Eric Wilkerson

Exclusive Content from the 3DTotal book:-
Digital Art Masters