January 2008

Happy New Year and welcome to Issue 025 of 2DArtist Magazine! We’ve gone interview crazy this month with four fantastic artist interviews – two of which are with Concept Artists for the amazing Guild Wars games, and if you’ve seen any of their concept art work on ConceptArt.org recently then you’ll not want to miss these interviews, trust me! We also decided to give Patri Balanovsky – one of our Stylised Animal Challenge regulars – a grilling this month, so if you’ve ever wondered what makes him tick (and win all those challenges!), then check out page 07. In a nice contrast, our interview with Matte Painter Ludovic Iochem can be found on page 47, which is a real inspiration to anyone looking to get into the matte painting biz! My picks of this month’s issue have to be the Speed Painting Challenge with Emrah Elmasli and Daniel Ljunggren, and our interview with the immensely talented Daniel Dociu (see page 21). Daniel Ljunggren is new to our Speed Painting challenges and the outcome of his tutorial is pure genius, so take a look at page 97 to see his interpretation of this month’s brief: “Steam Powered Mechanical Destroyer”. If you’ve been following Joel Carlo’s most recent tutorial, he takes us back to basics this month, in Part 2 of his tutorial, and explains a little about colour theory, so check out page 119 if you’ve been struggling to get to grips with your palette, where all will be explained! This month also sees the end of our current Elements tutorial series (sorry guys!), where Carlos Cabrera takes us through the creation of a “Heat Wave” environment (see page 107). Remember: if you’ve missed any of the Elements series then be sure to pick up the back issues to get yourself up to date! To be honest, there’s too much in this month’s issue for me to talk about here, so check out the contents on the right and get stuck into a bit of what you fancy! I’ll leave you now to enjoy this month’s issue and we’ll catch you again next month! Ed.

Patri Balanovsky
IProduction /Concept Artist

Daniel Dociu
Art Director & Concept Artist for ArenaNet

Doug Williams
Interview with Concept Artist for ArenaNet

Ludovic Iochem
Matte Painter

by Bradley Zale

10 of the best images from around the World

Matte Painting Challenge
Winners of ‘Day to Night’

Stylised Animal
This month’s finalists/
last month’s making ofs

Custom Brush
Tutorial by George Patsouras

Speed Painting
“Steam Powered Mechanical Destroyer”

Weather: Heatwave

Low Atmosphere Creature Design

Foundational Studies
Part 2 of Joel Carlo’s 3-Part Tutorial

Making Of
Syndaren Exotique
Project Overview by Robin Olausson

Making Of
By the Sea
Project Overview by Adrian Baluta