March 2008

Welcome to Issue 027! Well, Spring is just around the corner now, as is Easter and a time for chocolate-filled bellies and over-indulgence. So, in order to tempt us away from the chocolatey-egg “goodness” that seems to be everywhere right now, let’s get into some serious CG-ing and feed our cravings for beautiful imagery, instead! And as Spring is a time for new-born creatures – both great and small – we thought, what better time to introduce Mike Corriero’s fantastic new in-depth tutorial on Creature Concept Design?! Well, there isn’t a better time than now really, so flick to page 105 for the first instalment of this six-part series, where Mike gives us a foundation lesson upon which to build our understanding of Creature Design for the coming months! Stay-tuned also for next month’s issue as Mike will take us further and deeper into the world of creature concept design, and hopefully a new talent for creature creation will be born in us all! To give you a little taster for Mike’s work, check out this month’s Speed Painting on page 87 where Mike tackles the brief, along with our in-house artist, Richard Tilbury, “The beast was poised ready to strike!” (Gulp!!) As usual, our artists have interpreted the brief very differently this month and the contrast between the two is fantastic (we love it when that happens!). This month’s interview line-up welcomes back Matte Painter and Concept Artist, Tim Warnock, who you may remember from the very first issue of 2DArtist magazine! See page 031 for a catch-up interview with the talented Tim, and don’t miss our strikingly contrasted interviews this month with the “tradigital” Painter and Illustrator Eric Wilkerson, and Concept and 3d Artist Daniel Ljunggren, keeping the variety right up there for you! If you’re a budding Matte Painter and are following our Matte Painting tutorial series, then don’t miss Part Two on page 097 this month where Tiberius teaches us how to apply a touch of Jack Frost to a summery scene... This is, errr, not quite so Spring-like (uh-hum), but fun and challenging all the same, so get yourself stuck in and don’t forget to send us examples of your work as we’d love to see what you’re all up to! And don’t forget to enjoy yourselves! Ed.

Eric Wilkerson
Award-Winning Painter & Illustrator

Daniel Ljunggren
Concept Artist & 3D Artist at Avalanche Studios

Tim Warnock
Matte Painter/Concept Artist for Animal Logic

The Sketchbook Of James Wolf Strehle

10 of the best images from around the World

Stylised Animals
This Month’s Finalists/Last Month’s Making Ofs

ICustom Brush
by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano

Speed Painting
“The beast was poised ready to strike!”

Matte Painting
Part Two: Giving Our Scene a Winter Look

Creature Design
Part One of Mike Corriero’s New Tutorial Series

Making Of
Project Overview by Aziz Maaqoul