Issue 54 | June 2010
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Welcome to the June issue of 2DArtist. We hope you are all ready for a plethora of gripping new tutorials, interviews and Making Ofs in this month’s issue!

This month we were lucky enough to interview the excellent Robh Ruppel. We ask Robh what life is like since working on Uncharted 2 which cleaned up a host of awards at the recent Dice and Game Developers choice awards. Robh also talks about his childhood and how he got to where he is today, and shares an epic quantity of amazing artwork with us.

We take a jump in a different direction for the second article in this month’s issue. Edwin Rhemrev is this month’s sketchbook artist. Edwin has a great illustrative style and creates hundred’s of comical characters from stories and his imagination. Edwin shares with us some of his sketches that he does on his everyday commute as well as a selection of images of his favorite subject, Pirates!

If super realistic marines is more your thing, check out Chase Stone’s superb making of. You may remember his amazing image Dust from the January issue of the magazine, well in this issue Chase shows us how to use references to create an accurate look to your image, and how to use facial expressions to give your painting a dramatic feel.

Ok, so on to tutorials, and first up this month is the tutorial for our great cover image by Wei-Che Juan. Wei-Che or Jason as he is known will talk us through creating a creature that lives in a volcanic environment. Jason will have had plenty of references for Volcano’s if he has been watching the news recently, though hopefully Jason’s volcano won’t ruin anyone’s holiday. Jason uses photo’s to create parts of his image and shows us how to give the image a feeling of immense heat.

Branko Bistrovic prepares his first tutorial for us this month, guiding us through the process of painting a futuristic slum. Branko uses trial and error to correct his composition and walks us through painting a hologram as he demonstrates how to build a scene from beginning to end. On the subject of painting Cities, in this month’s Fantasy Medieval Scene Andreas Rocha shows us how he painted his impressive scene. Andreas captures a fantasy landscape that includes a dock, floating merchant vessels and a dramatic looking city that sits by still sunlit waters.

Those of you hoping to see the last part of Chee Ming Wong’s steampunk tutorial will have to wait one more month I am afraid, Chee is filling the last chapter with so much steampunk excellence that he was unable to get his work in this month, but I hope you are ready next month for the epic final chapter. We have thrown in an extra making of this month due to the missing tutorial and it really is a great one. Branko Bistrovic shows us how he made his image Diaper Faerie.

This month’s issue also includes an impressive gallery featuring work from Raphael Lacoste,Tamara Bakylecheva and many more. Have Fun!

What's in this month...
Interview: Robh Ruppel - Designer & Artist

Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Edwin Rhemrev

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes -
Chapter 6: Docks by Andreas Rocha

Tutorial Series: Painting Steampunk Environments - Chapter 5 will continue next month in the July 2010 Issue 055

Tutorial Series: Painting Futuristic Cities - Chapter 4: by Branko Bistrovic

Tutorial Series: Painting Monsters - Chapter 6: Volcanic by Wei-Che Juan

Making Of: Dust - Project Overview by Chase Stone

Making Of: Diaper Faerie - Project Overview by Branko Bistrovic

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v4 - Free Chapter Book Promotion