Issue 51 | March 2010
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Hello from the team at 3DTotal and welcome to the March issue of 2DArtist. We have the pleasure of kicking off a great new tutorial series this month, as well as continuing some of our excellent existing projects, so we hope you are all prepared for another great issue of 2DArtist!

This month’s Sketchbook looks at the weird and wacky world of Brett Bean, he talks us through some of the ideas behind his unique creatures, and tells us how he draws inspiration from everyday life and turns it into amazing artwork and characters that will bring a smile to your face.

We start a brand new tutorial series this month called painting Futuristic Cities, and the first chapter is to be dealt with by an artist who has recently been very successful at the DICE interactive achievements awards, Robh Ruppel. Robh talks us through the processes he uses to create an amazing futuristic environment, and shows us how he uses and arranges photographs to create the base for his image.

We would now like you to jump backwards with us from a Futuristic City to a Medieval Slum, the next chapter in the Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes series. This month we are in the capable hands of Richard Tilbury, who has created a great scene for us, and shows us how to give our scene depth and use photographs to complete our scene. Before we jump forward to the present we will stay in the past and talk a little about the fascinating new chapter of the excellent Painting Steampunk Environments tutorial with Dr Chee Ming Wong. Chee continues his tour of his steampunk universe this month looking at the D’Vinci era, and treats us to not one but two excellent final images.

Back to the present and we continue our painting Monsters for Environments series, and in this issue we are looking at creating a subterranean creature this month handled by Darren Yeow.

We also have an breath taking Making Of by Elena Bespalova based on her image ‘Dionesis’ as well as a great interview with the excellent Remko Troost who tells us how his career all started by drawing on his parents walls, I bet they are glad that he found out about Digital art!

As if that wasn’t enough amazing artwork already, we also have gallery images from Jama Jurabaev, Frank Hong, David Lecossu and many more. We always try to do our best to please and we hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

What's in this month...
Remko Troost - Sr. Concept Artist & Illustrator

Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Brett Bean

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes - Chapter 3: Slums by Richard Tilbury

Tutorial Series: Painting Steampunk Environments - Chapter 2: by Chee Ming Wong

New!! Tutorial Series: Painting Futuristic Cities - Chapter 1: by Robh Ruppel

Tutorial Series: Painting Monsters - Chapter 3: Subterranean by Darren Yeow

Making Of: Dionesis - Project Overview by Elena Bespalova

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v4 - Free Chapter Book Promotion