Issue 71 | November 2011
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Remember, remember the Mag of November! It’s the month of fireworks and bonfires here in the UK. Our night skies will be lit by exploding rockets and Catherine wheels and our evenings will be spent standing wet by bonfires as they get put out by the inevitable rain. But there is something that can provide us with the explosive warmth we are all longing for and that is this month’s inspiration packed issue of 2DArtist Magazine.

Knowing where to start this month is really hard, there is so much to talk about! I will however start by talking about our two, yes two new series. In this month’s issue we will be starting an amazing series about illustration. Fairy tales, no doubt played a huge part of in your childhood. Some of your earliest memories may be the images you conjured in your imagination as you listen to the innocent words of these tales of old. Well in this series Simon Dominic Brewer and Blaz Porenta will be taking these tales and giving them a new look as they teach us how to add story and narrative to our paintings. In this issue Simon Dominic Brewer gets the ball rolling by talking us through how he illustrated the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears.

The second of our new series is another firecracker! You may remember we ran a series a while back where our artists used Google SketchUp as a base for their digital paintings. Well in this issue we will be resurrecting the technique and applying it to Futuristic Vehicles. This series couldn’t get to a better start. If any of you are frequenter of the CG forums you will be more than familiar with the mind-blowing work of Levi Hopkins. In this issue he will be showing us how to create his amazing All-Terrain Vehicle.

Vehicles are also the topic of the day in this month’s installment of our Designing Your Own World Series. David Smit and Nadia Karroue will be talking us through how to keep the Hippie world design consistent as they tackle some Hippie Vehicles. This is a lot of fun as well as helpful.

This month’s Character Portrayal series employs the talents of Portrait pro Nykolai Aleksander. Nykolai gives us an in depth insight as to how to turn your portraits into characters who have suffered a real beating.

This month’s issue features some fantastic work in all three of our remaining articles. In the interview we catch up with Alexey Zaryuta who tells us about working in the games industry. In the sketchbook Michelle Hoefener gives us a sneak peek into her stunning sketchbook, and in the gallery we feature amazing work from Dragos Jieanu, Alexander Tooth, Andreas Rocha and many more amazing artists.


What's in this month...
IInterview: Alexey Zaryuta

The Sketchbook of: Michelle Hoefener

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Illustrating Fairy Tales - Chapter 1: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Simon Dominic

Tutorial Series: Designing Your Own World - Chapter 3: Designing HippiePippie-Space-vans!
by David Smit and
Nadia Karroue

Tutorial Series: Sci-Fi Vehicles - Chapter 1: All-Terrain Vehicle
by Levi Hopkins

Tutorial Series: Character Portrayal - Chapter 4:
Beaten Up
by Nykolai Aleksander

Making Of: Nyx - Project Overview
by Dominus

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