Issue 84 | December 2012
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Welcome to the December issue of 2DArtist and Merry Christmas to you all! To get you in the festive mood, this month’s 2DArtist is filled with treats that will help you on your way to having a very creative Christmas!

The voluptuous lady that graces our front cover this month is the conception of Johannes Helgeson for the last chapter in our Cartoon Creation 101 tutorial series. Over the course of the series our talented artists have shown us how to design and paint basic cartoon characters. To conclude the series Johannes takes us through his exploratory designs and demonstrates how to capture and reflect the personality of an opera singer, and the message she is trying to convey, through expressions, costume and design.

Next up is another thrilling installment from our Weapon Design series, where our artists are demonstrating how to design different weapon concepts to fit various situations and environments for the games industry. In the penultimate chapter Vadim Sverdlov, aka Tipa_Graphic, talks us through the design and concept stage of his throwing blades, and continues to demonstrate how to add textures and final touches, to help you in your work and creation of new concepts.

We've also reached the penultimate chapter in our Custom Brushes for Characters series, in which our artists are showing us how to create different custom brushes to texture a character. In this installment Richard Tilbury starts by showing us how he designed a basic un-textured alien, and then demonstrates how to create brushes to add areas of texture and detail to the alien.

In our Six Realms tutorial series our artists have been showing us how to design six diverse, fantasy realms from the same world, while also describing their own painting process. Ioan Dumitrescu finishes off the series in this last installment, in which he demonstrates how to paint a jungle environment.

In this month’s interview we have a chat with UK-based artist Adam Burn, who tells us a little bit about his journey into the CG industry and chasing projects to achieve his goals.

If all that isn’t enough to keep you going until the New Year, we have a whimsical Making Of by Gediminas Pranckevicius, and a gallery full of stunning images by Serge Birault, Andrei Pervukhin, Ken Barthelmey and many more!


What's in this month...
Interview: Adam Burn

The Sketchbook of: Errol Rich Jr.

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Weapon Design - Chapter 4: Throwing Blades by Vadim Sverdlov (Tipa_Graphic)

Tutorial Series: The Six Realms - Chapter 6: Jungle by Ioan Dumitrescu

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Creation 101 - Chapter 4: Opera Singer by Johannes Helgeson

Tutorial Series: Custom Brushes for Characters - Chapter 4: Alien by Richard Tilbury

Making Of: Mr. Wolf- Project Overview
by Gediminas Pranckevicius

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v7 - Free Chapter Book Promotion