Issue 88 | April 2013
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Hello and welcome to the April issue of 2DArtist. All of us at 3DTotal hope you had a great Easter and have filled up on lots of chocolaty treats! Speaking of treats we have plenty for you in this month’s issue, but don’t worry, we have managed to resist the urge to fill our pages with Easter bunnies, chicks and other themed things. Instead we are bringing you your monthly fill of vehicles, creatures and alternate worlds, all mixed into an inspiring gallery, four useful tutorial series exploding with tips and techniques, and much more.

In our vibrant tutorial section this month we continue to bring you visually stunning work from some of the most exciting names in the digital world. Jason Stokes explores using a 3D block-in to help design and paint a concept of a personal carrier, in the penultimate chapter of Off World Vehicle Design.

In this month’s installment of our New Worlds tutorial series, Gerhard Mozsi shares an interesting back story that formed the ideas and design of the creatures that inhabit the world he has created, as well as demonstrating the process behind painting and texturing them.

We also continue our Costume Design and Creature Anatomy series, which sees Markus Lovadina design a decadent costume for a merchant trader, and Vinod Rams share tips and techniques to successfully merge human and animal anatomy to create an interesting hybrid.

Hani Troudi draws inspiration from the sixties in his image "Bad" Pinup in this month’s Making Of. From the initial sketches through to the painting process and post-production, this article is a must for anyone interested in creating their own pinup.

If all that wasn’t enough we also have an interview with awesomely talented concept artist Thomas Scholes, a brilliantly fun sketchbook by Vincent Altamore and our fantastic gallery, which features ten outstanding digital images from some very talented artists such as Jason Seiler, Blaz Porenta and Vanja Todoric. So put your feet up and enjoy this jam-packed issue!


What's in this month...
Interview: Martin Deschambault

The Sketchbook of: Claudia Kleinheinz

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Off World Vehicle Design - Chapter 2: Deforestation by Ling Yun

Tutorial Series: Designing New Worlds - Chapter 3: Vehicles/Transportation by Gerhard Mozsi

Tutorial Series: Costume Design - Chapter 1: Blacksmith by David Munoz Valezquez

Tutorial Series: Creature Anatomy - Chapter 1: Exaggerating Human Anatomy by Vinod Rams

Making Of: Don't Trash Your Dreams- Project Overview by Cyril Rolando

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v7 - Free Chapter Book Promotion