Issue 87 | March 2013
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Hello from the team at 3DTotal and welcome to the March issue of 2DArtist. We have the pleasure of kicking off two great new tutorial series this month, as well as continuing some of our excellent existing projects, so we hope you are all ready for another great issue!

There are so many great tutorials in this month’s magazine that it is hard to know where to start, but we will begin by turning our attention to the stunning cover image by talented concept artist Vinod Rams, which was created for our new three-part series: Creature Anatomy. In this series, Vinod demonstrates how to use human anatomy as a basis for creature design, create a hybrid creature based on human and animal anatomy, and use real word things as a reference for designing a creature from scratch.

Next we have the second part in our Off-World Vehicle Design series. In this series our artists will be approaching the given brief as if it was for the games industry, to demonstrate techniques used when creating a vehicle concept. This month Ling Yun demonstrates how he created a deforestation vehicle, from the initial thumbnails through to the final image, giving useful tips on layout and creating a mood along the way.

We continue with the Designing New Worlds series, which takes a comprehensive look at creating a world from a concept perspective. Gerhard Mozsi investigates the processes and techniques that can be employed to create an extraordinary society, from the initial idea through to the finished image. In the third installment, he focuses on designing a vehicle for his world, concentrating on color and value, surface materials and final touches.

Time for another new tutorial now! Costume design is a crucial element to character design. It can help to enhance a character's personality through the visual design of the garment and accessories, as well as help to realize a certain social status, or period. In this tutorial series each artist has been presented with a games-like brief describing a character from a certain section of a fantasy medieval world, and they must design clothing suitable for that character’s job description. In the first chapter David Munoz Velazquez covers the steps he took in designing a costume for a Blacksmith.

In this issue we also chat with Ubisoft concept artist Martin Deschambault (aka Dechambo), discover character animator Claudia Kleinheinz's fantastical world of creatures in the Sketchbook article, and Cyril Rolando takes us through the process behind his colorful image Don’t Trash Your Dreams in this month’s Making Of.

To top off this exciting issue we have an inspiring gallery featuring artwork from some of the best in the industry. Enjoy!


What's in this month...
Interview: Martin Deschambault

The Sketchbook of: Claudia Kleinheinz

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Off World Vehicle Design - Chapter 2: Deforestation by Ling Yun

Tutorial Series: Designing New Worlds - Chapter 3: Vehicles/Transportation by Gerhard Mozsi

Tutorial Series: Costume Design - Chapter 1: Blacksmith by David Munoz Valezquez

Tutorial Series: Creature Anatomy - Chapter 1: Exaggerating Human Anatomy by Vinod Rams

Making Of: Don't Trash Your Dreams- Project Overview by Cyril Rolando

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v7 - Free Chapter Book Promotion