Issue 114 | June 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 114!

We’ve got an exciting mix of sci-fi and fantasy for you this month! Issue 114 brings you an insightful interview with illustrator and concept artist, Brun Croes filled with invaluable advice. Brun Croes also pops up in our tutorial section as he demonstrates how to develop a scene using sketching techniques.

Our tutorials also cover creating a grungy sci-fi scene of epic proportions, crafting an air vehicle, and using matte painting techniques to alter an environment’s atmosphere – or if you’re in the mood for some fantasy characters, you can learn how José Parodi painted Dragon Hunter, or take a peek into the sketchbook of Nick Harris. Enjoy!


What in this month…
Mastering fantasy illustrations: Brun Croes shares his stunning fantasy illustrations, inspirations and advice

Narrative fantasy sketches: Explore the traditional and digital sketches of Nick Harris

The gallery: Jakob Eirich and Lisa Henke feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Craft an air vehicle: Efflam Mercier demonstrates how he develops a simple visual narrative around a spaceship image

Design and sketch an environment: Learn techniques to develop and draw a scene with Brun Croes

Create a scene of epic proportions: Juan Pablo Roldan shares invaluable techniques for creating a large scale grungy scene

Alter an environment’s atmosphere: Discover how to use matte painting techniques to change the mood of your scene

Paint a fantasy character: José Parodi shares the creative workflow behind his fantasy image, Hunter of Dragons

Digital Art Master: Rasmus Berggren: Rasmus Berggren reveals the process behind the creation of his atmospheric image Into the Abyss