Issue 118 | October 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 118!

Hello! Issue 118 is packed with the detailed works of Mat Miller, distinctive portraits from self-taught artist Raphaël Vicenzi and an interview with freelance illustrator Aldo Katayanagi.

In this month’s tutorials, Oliver Odmark shows how to design a robot droid with human characteristics, and Mark Kolobaev demonstrates how to create sci-fi special effects with photo manipulation techniques. We also have another speed paint tutorial from Ioan Dumitrescu, and round off our air vehicles series with Maxime Delcambre’s tutorial on motion blur.

Elsewhere we have 10 images to inspire your projects, and overviews from José Julián Londoño Calle and Amir Zand. Enjoy!


What in this month…
Drawing vivid illustrations: Freelancer Aldo Katayanagi shows us his mesmerizing illustrations

Experimental portraiture: Self-taught artist Raphaël Vicenzi showcases his innovative illustrations

Dream inspired sketches: Illustrator Mat Miller shows his dynamic animal-themed sketches

The Gallery: 10 images to inspire your work, including work by Giby Joseph and Vera Sakhnuk

Speed paint a serene scene: Learn to create a snow-covered citadel scene in only two hours

Add motion blur to flying vehicles: Discover techniques for creating a sense of motion in an air vehicle race scene

Photo manipulate special effects: Combine 2D and 3D techniques to create an impressive sci-fi war scene

Create a robot droid: Oliver Odmark show how to design a robot droid concept with character

Design a cyber-punk cop: See how Amir Zand created his cyber-punk inspired patrol officer

Create a light-filled magical forest: Discover how José Julián Londoño Calle maintained realism in his scene Magical Forest

Digital Art Master: Valentina Remenar: Create mystical forest spirits with a sneak peak from Digital Art Masters: Volume 9