Issue 117 | September 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 117!

This month’s issue features an interview with videogame artist Sung Choi. We also get to speak to the amazing Loish about her upcoming artbook and her successful Kickstarter campaign.

We also have tutorials on speed painting and photo manipulation, while our ‘Altering environments’ series concludes with a tutorial from Kristian Llana on how to paint the eye of a storm. You can also challenge yourself to create a sci-fi scene from a difficult perspective with Pablo Carpio’s air vehicle tutorial.

There is also plenty of inspiration on offer from Zac Retz’ amazing sketchbook, while young illustrator Leilei Huang shows us her incredibly calming work. Plus, we have our selection of 10 of the best recent images from our gallery. Enjoy!


What in this month…
Captivating Bungie environments: Bungie concept artist Sung Choi talks about finding inspiration in the world around him

Discover luminescent paintings: Explore the fascinating illustrations of the talented Florian Aupetit

Immersive illustration: Illustrator Leilei Huang shows us her beautifully tranquil work, about loneliness and isolation

Narrative digital sketches: Animator Zac Retz showcases the sketches which inspire his narrative work

The Art of Loish: We interview Lois van Baarle, a.k.a. Loish about her first art book and Kickstarter campaign

The Gallery: Sergey Pervukhin and Alexey Egorov showcase their work in this month’s 10 of the best

Photo manipulate a monster: Learn how to turn your self portrait into a chilling creature with this tutorial

Speed paint an ancient ruin: Ioan Dumitrescu demonstrates how to quickly create an historic environment

Step into the eye of the storm: Learn how to capture the eye of a storm in this environment painting tutorial

Play with challenging perspectives: Pablo Carpio designs a sci-fi airship from an exciting perspective

Design an alien power source: Sung Choi describes how he created an organic sci-fi scene in his artwork The Heart

Digital Art Master: Brian Sum: See how the videogame concept artist created his image Working Droid