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What in this month…
Get started as a concept artist
Ivan Khomenko discusses how he started his career and continues to grow as an artist

Mastering character art
Will Murai talks about creating characters and shares the secrets of his coloring process

Keep a sketch diary
Don Seegmiller shares his stunning pencil work, doodles and drawings

The gallery
Piotr Jablonski and Jan Urschel feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Explore coloring techniques
Donglu Yu demonstrates a professional approach to coloring a rendered black-and-white image

Design an artificial lighting set-up
Discover top tips and tricks from Nacho Yagüe for altering the lighting set-up of a scene

Build a city with textures
Tomas Honz reveals techniques to quickly construct a painterly primal city in Photoshop

Create cool water brushes
Generate and use custom brushes to paint an underwater scene ‒ Laura Sava shows you how

Learn to paint atmospheric scenes
Byzwa Dher shares skills to speed up your painting process when creating fantasy scenes

Digital Art Master: Michel Donzé Learn how Michel Donzé crafted his cool stylized image, Piratess

Issue 104 | August 2014
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Welcome to the August issue of 2dartist magazine!

Color plays an important role in the digital painting process; when it’s selected and used effectively, it can help describe mood and evoke emotions. We have a whole host of artists to show you how to do just that!

This month we speak to master of color and characters, Will Murai, who reveals his coloring process and the secrets to his signature style. Donglu Yu presents top tips to turn a black-and-white image into a colored masterpiece, while Byzwa Dher shares an insight behind one of his atmospheric landscapes.

We also have an array of helpful tutorials and insightful articles from industry professionals to get you inspired. Enjoy!

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