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Free video training for subscribers:

2D Video – Concepting a castle scene Bram “Boco” Sels
Discover how to develop and put down ideas quickly as the talented Bram “Boco” Sels demonstrates his process for creating an atmospheric castle scene. Including tips for working with clients and conveying mood, you’ll learn how an expert concept designer, with clients including Ubisoft and Wideshot Entertainment, uses masking, layering, and photo-bashing techniques to achieve an appealing concept.

2D Video – Creating a Sci-Fi Speed Painting Ahmed Aldoori
Creating a gripping concept from sketch through to a finished image is never an easy task, but Ahmed Aldoori makes it look easy and provides priceless tips in this fantastic training video. Composition, design and creating a dynamic silhouette are just a few of the fundamental subjects Ahmed covers as he creates his cool sci-fi scene in this must-have tutorial.