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Issue 60 | December 2010
This month sees the last chapter in the fantastic Concept art for games series. Craig Sellars wraps things up for us with an excellent all terrain vehicle to navigate the tricky surface of the prison planet. Craig and the other artists Thomas Pringle and Bart Tiongson have done a great job for us with this one, but next month we start a new series on Art Fundamentals and this is a good one!..more

Released : 09/ December/ 2010
99 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 59 | November 2010
This month’s cover image is by a really great artist, who is constantly churning out great image after great image at the moment Min Yum. Min continues our Painting Creatures form Folklore series by dealing with a Siren. The final image is a real treat, and Min does a great job with the tutorial to, so this is a must read!..more

Released : 10/ November / 2010
100 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 58 | October 2010
Ok, so on to the tutorials. For all of those who have been enjoying the Futuristic Marines series we have a slightly different twist on the subject this month. Alex Ruiz shows us that Futuristic marines don’t have to be male to look tough, and shows us how he broke away from his usual process to create his great locker room scene..more

Released : 12/ October / 2010
105 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 57 | September 2010
This month we will start by mentioning the array of fantastic tutorials we have for you starting with our brand new series Painting Creatures from Folklore. This is a great new series that will be tackled by some fantastic artists, and we kick off with Andrei Pervukhin who will be talking us through researching and painting a Goblin. Many of you will remember Andrei’s Sewer dwelling monster that made it onto the front cover of the May issue, well Andrei has done it again and has provided another fantastic image for this month’s cover..more
Released : 13/ September / 2010
92 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 56 | August 2010
This month’s jaw dropping cover image comes from the remarkable Ignacio Bazan Lazcano. Ignacio continues our Futuristic Marines tutorial series by showing us how he created his amazing marine to survive and fight in a hot volcanic planet environment. This is not only a great image but a superb tutorial packed with quick tips and useful tricks to help you create your very own futuristic

Released : 10/ August / 2010
89 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 55 | July 2010
The first new tutorial up this month is a really exciting new series called Concept art for Games. The aim of this series is to show how industry professionals would tackle a games brief in a professional environment. The first two chapters will be handled by the fantastically talented and experienced games artist Thomas Pringle. Thomas kicks of the series by creating the first of two environments based on the games brief created by the excellent artists participating in the series....more

Released : 15/ July / 2010
90 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 54 | June 2010
Ok, so on to tutorials, and first up this month is the tutorial for our great cover image by Wei-Che Juan. Wei-Che or Jason as he is known will talk us through creating a creature that lives in a volcanic environment. Jason will have had plenty of references for Volcano’s if he has been watching the news recently, though hopefully Jason’s volcano won’t ruin anyone’s holiday. Jason uses photo’s to create parts of his image and shows us how to give the image a feeling of immense heat...more

Released : 07/ June / 2010
95 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
Issue 53 | May 2010
This month’s Monster comes from an excellent artist that has had work featured in our online and magazine galleries in the last few months Andrei Pervukhin. Andrei shows us and shares with us his selection of brushes, and tells us how he used them to paint his excellent Sewer Dwelling swamp monster..more

Released : 10/ May / 2010
85 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
Issue 52 | April 2010
Ok, so on to the tutorials. April’s issue features a fantastic double bill from the one and only Simon Dominic. Simon is based in the Lake District, and we will all be able to see how his mountainous surroundings have inspired his two tutorials this month. Firstly Simon tackles the Painting monsters tutorial, this month looking at a mountain dwelling monster..more

Released : 08/ April / 2010
96 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
Issue 51 | March 2010
We start a brand new tutorial series this month called painting Futuristic Cities, and the first chapter is to be dealt with by an artist who has recently been very successful at the DICE interactive achievements awards, Robh Ruppel. Robh talks us through the processes he uses to create an amazing futuristic environment, and shows us how he uses and arranges photographs to create the base for his image..more

Released : 12/ March / 2010
94 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
Issue 50 | February 2010
We are very excited this month as we start a new and gripping series that has been done for us by the fantastically unique Dr. Chee Ming Wong. We start this series by setting the scene, as Chee talks us through the 5 ages of steampunk and in this issue we look at the Victorians! We hope you all enjoy this steampunk master class because we think it is great..more

Released : 11/ February / 2010
104 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
Issue 49 | January 2010
This month’s issue sees the final installment of the custom brushes tutorial, and we bring the series to a close with Richard Tilbury. He walks us through the valuable skill of creating custom brushes for Photoshop, and in this edition we focus on the tricky task of creating a crowd. He also shows us how we can apply these techniques to tackle similar problems..more

Released : 13/ January / 2010
95 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)
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