Issue 98 | February 2014
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Welcome to the February issue of 2dartist magazine!

If you're not already familiar with master concept artist Derek Stenning, now's your chance! Derek reveals the idea behind his retro sci-fi masterpieces, including this issues stunning cover art over on page 06. Not to be missed!

Find out how to improve your painting skills using three simple brushes, with the help of experienced concept artist Gabriel Romero. And we have all your other regular favorites – including interviews, tutorials and a collection of works from some of the top artists in the digital world today.

It’s a pretty good start for embarking on your own creations!


What's in this month...
Mastering sci-fi concepts: Derek Stenning talks about the idea behind his EK series and his future freelance ventures

Bringing video game characters to life: Calum Alexander Watt chats about joining the team at Improbable and what to expect from them in the future

Sketching to explore 3D forms: Kurt Papstein shares his sketchbook and how it helps form his 3D sculptures

The gallery: Giorgio Grecu and Klaus Pillon feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Get to grips with integrating photos: Using his sci-fi image, Rich Tilbury how to use photos and brushes to add detail to your images

Learn to paint with photo textures: Discover the photo texture techniques top concept artist, Donglu Yu uses to add realism to fantasy concepts

Top tips for creating narratives: Mike Azevedo explores lighting methods to build on characters and atmosphere

Crafting sci-fi scenes: Geoffrey Ernault uses gradients and brushwork techniques to communicate visual direction

Discover the art of scale and perspective: Juan Pablo Roldan shares industry tips and the workflow behind his image EL ARCA

Develop your digital painting skills: Gabriel Romero divulges methods of painting with just three simple brushes to hone your skills

Digital art master: B. Börkur Eiríksson: Discover how to create a painterly piece using Photoshop