Issue 97 | January 2014
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Welcome to the January issue of 2dartist magazine!

This issue, we’ll be kicking off the year with a mix of atmospheric scenes, fantasy buildings and sci-fi landscapes, with a collection of work from some of the top artists in the digital world today.

Gracing the cover this month, we have the detailed, dark and moody queen created by Wojtek Fus. For a step-by-step walkthrough of the tools and techniques used to create this image, head over to page 78.

Also among this issue’s tutorials, master concept artist, Jan Urschel reveals industry tips for creating fantasy environments, as he gives us a breakdown of the processes involved in creating a built-up swamp settlement. Enjoy!


What's in this month...
Master concept game art: Fred Augis tells us all about how his career in the industry began and the experiences he has gained

From traditional to digital: We find out about Eve Ventrue’s journey into the world of concept art and matte painting

Discover the art of gothic figures: Abigail Larson shares her technique and process of sketching out characters in the design process

The gallery: Francesco Corvino and Christopher Balaskas feature in this issue’s gallery selection

Create depth and space: Using his sci-fi image, Richard Tilbury reveals tips to create depth and space in Photoshop

Tips for crafting fantasy buildings: Discover the techniques a top concept artist uses to build a fantasy building into an environment

Discover how to depict emotions: Wojtek Fus demonstrates his structured approach to creating detailed illustrations

Master narrative scenes: Eduardo Peña explores techniques to create narratives that evoke mood and feeling

Paint perfect woodland textures: Rabie Rahou breaks down some of the important techniques in creating a fantasy forest

Digital art master: Michał Sawtyruk: Discover how to create an atmospheric painterly piece using Photoshop