Issue 102 | June 2014
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Welcome to the June issue of 2dartist magazine!

Many artists working in the film and video game industries tell us about the importance of not only working quickly, but having the ability to adjust scenes and create variations at the drop of the hat. In this issue of 2dartist, we take a look at the techniques and processes to speed up and improve these skills!

Nacho Yagüe and Darek Zabrocki share a wealth of knowledge when it comes to manipulating lighting and creating a diverse range of moods with speed!

Geoffrey Ernault proves that with practice comes speed... and a great career, as he shares an insight into how he made it as a concept artist.


What's in this month...
Make it as a concept artist: Geoffrey Ernault reveals how he made it to where he is in the industry today

Transform your sketches: Luky shares her top tips for taking your sketches to the next level

The gallery: François Baranger and Edvige Faini feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Sketching with texture brushes: Donglu Yu reveals ways to generate ideas using reference images, sketching and texture brushes

Adapt interior lighting conditions: Discover how Nacho Yagüe alters the lighting and mood of a midday scene into a scene at dusk

Caricature painting tips: Mark Hammermeister divulges the art of painting the perfect female caricature

Master atmospheric lighting effects: Using grayscale as a base, Darek Zabrocki reveals how to master mood and lighting

Create creature concepts: Kamil Murzyn shares tips and tricks for digitally painting creature concepts

Design narrative compositions: Aekkarat Sumutchaya reveals how he used value and color to create his image Light Up Flowers

Digital Art Master - Bastien Lecouffe Deharme: Discover the creative process Bastien used to illustrate his image Music Box