Issue 99 | March 2014
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Welcome to the March issue of 2dartist magazine!

We love the seamless fusion of reality and mythology of this month’s cover image, created by Miklós Földi. Discover how Miklós draws upon his experiences in oil painting to create a soft, painterly effect in Painter while trying new forms and styles in the project overview of his image Horns over on page 72!

Also discover that it’s never too late to break into the industry as Jan Urschel chats about his eventful journey and the experiences he’s gained along that road! As ever, we also have loads of helpful tutorials and insightful articles from industry professionals for you to be inspired by. Enjoy!


What's in this month...
Breaking into the industry: Jan Urschel chats about his journey into the industry and his experiences when he got there

Explore fantasy narratives: Wylie Beckert shares her whimsical sketches of enchanting characters, amongst fairytale-like settings

The gallery: Bastien Grivet and Gediminas Pranckevičius feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Learn to balance compositions: Richard Tilbury finishes off his scene by adding characters to balance the composition

Design strong lighting schemes: Bram ‘Boco’ Sels demonstrates the power of the gradient map to create powerful lighting

Top tips for painting caricatures: Bruno Hamzagic demonstrates useful techniques to designing creative caricatures

Mastering portraits in Painter: Discover how Miklós Földi created a traditional looking mythological portrait in Painter

Create dynamic sci-fi scenes: Master of designing sci-fi environments, Massimo Porcella, reveals a step-by-step break down of his work flow

Digital art master: William Wu: Pro video game concept artist, William Wu shares the process behind his image New York Street