Issue 101 | May 2014
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Welcome to the May issue of 2dartist magazine!

Bursting with dynamic females, painterly portraits and standout caricatures: issue 101 is full of impressive characters! Fernanda Suarez flips open her sketchbook and Sabin Boykinov gives us an insight into his career creating digital art in the games industry!

Issue 101 also delves into tips for lighting your 2D scenes, with top techniques from Nacho Yagüe and Geoffrey Ernault! And there's a wealth of inspirational art from Tim Löchner, Laura Sava, Efflam Mercier and more.



What's in this month...
Produce digital art for games: Sabin Boykinov reveals what exactly it was that fueled him to break into the industry!

Sketching organic female forms: Fernanda Suarez opens up the pages of her sketchbook, filled with female figures

The gallery: Efflam Mercier and Laura Sava feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Paint portraits with custom brushes: Houston Sharp shares techniques to create custom brushes for painting skin, hair, and fabric

Discover how to light a midday scene: Nacho Yagüe provides a detailed tutorial that covers the creation of a room with morning light

Learn to paint standout features: Stephen Lorenzo Walkes provides a step-by-step guide for drawing and painting caricatures

Depict interesting light effects: Discover how to capture the mood, as Geoffrey Ernault shares his speed painting techniques

Create a dynamic character: Tatianna Kolobukhova (SneznyBars) reveals her painting process for creating vibrant characters

Digital Art Master - Alex Tiani: Alex Tiani shares the process he used to create his image, Angel Fight