Issue 107 | November 2014
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 107!

This issue is bursting with characters and vehicles from a selection of top artists. We learn the art of designing and painting steampunk pin-ups with Renée Chio, discover the process behind Romana Kendelic’s dynamic images, and chat to the creator of ethereal beauties, Anna Dittmann.

The amazing Michal Kus also gives us a peek at his sketchbook, with pages packed with sci-fi design concepts, while Ignacio Bazán Lazcano leads us through a step-by-step tutorial to improve vehicle designs with a look at post-apocalyptic desert buggies. We’ve got a whole host of top images and tutorials, too! Plus resources to aid and inspire your 2D art work. As always, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!


What's in this month...
The secret to ethereal masterpieces: Illustrator Anna Dittmann reveals the process and inspirations behind her unique portraits

Sketch sci-fi concepts: Michal Kus shares a selection of his awesome sci-fi sketches, exploring design iterations

The gallery: Michal Lisowski and Bastien Grivet feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Design a desert vehicle: Improve your concept car designs with Ignacio Bazán Lazcano’s expert tips!

Build a sci-fi city: Using a 3D base, Byzwa Dher shares the workflow used to texture and light a sci-fi scene

Render stylized pin-ups: Renée Chio guides you through a step-by-step tutorial to paint a steampunk pin-up

Lighting a dynamic character: Discover how to draw, paint and light an epic character with incredible effects

Digital Art Master - Gilles Beloeil: Learn how Gilles Beloeil painted his game environment concept, Boston Common