Issue 38 | February 2009
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Welcome to Issue 38 from a soggy, post snow-covered England. Not even the snow can stop us bringing another content-packed issue your way, so let’s get stuck in! What have we got for you this month? Well, we have a treat for you actually, and this is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time: none other than an interview with the amazingly talented Polish artist, Marek Okoń, who has kindly taken some time out this month to chat to the 2DArtist team. Marek tells us all about how he went from web design to book cover art, to illustrations for comics and games. I always find myself having to catch my breath when a new artwork from Marek arrives on my screens, and I hope that you will be as stunned by the portfolio of work that is waiting for you on page 19. This month’s issue also has an interview with Chinese artist, Chen Lin (aka Wanbao), who discovered digital painting just 4 years ago but has managed to rack up a beautiful collection of imagery. Check out page 7 for our interview with Chen Lin and get yourself inspired!

As a special addition to this month’s magazine we have an article written for 2DArtist by the guys at Midway Newcastle on the concept artwork done for new game title, Wheelman. Here you’ll find the works of Peter Thompson, John Steele and Corlen Kruger
– check out page 37 and go behind the scenes to the original artwork created for this 2009 game title!

We also have yet another new tutorial series for you this month – this time: vehicle concept design, painting and rendering by Dwayne Vance and Tham Hoi Mun. These two artists are both specialists in the field of vehicle concepts and we welcome to 2DArtist to teach us a thing or two about how to design and polish up some stunning motors! Dwayne is going to be tacking a super sleek car, whilst Mun has been given the task of creating a heavy futuristic mechanical digger type thing – he’s got his work cut out for him, but he dove right into this tutorial and has come up with some fantastic thumbnails on page 73. Mun is using good old marker pens and paper, and Dwayne is using a combination of Painter, the freeware Alchemy, and Photoshop to show us some different ways of concepting in this first chapter – next month will cover Dwayne refining this month’s designs, so there’s plenty to come from these two over the next few months!

Justin Albers is back with us again this month – we just can’t get enough of his amazing ability to turn our tricky speed painting briefs into the most stunning illustrations! Prepare to be impressed by this month’s interpretation of the rather open brief: The size of the task ahead was extremely daunting. We also had in-house artist, Richard Tilbury tackle the same topic for us this month, and the results of the two are intriguingly different – check them out on page 81. Chee Ming Wong is also back again with a rather wonderful painting of a space station … which he then blows up before our very eyes! Check out the latest from Chee on page 89.

Finally, our making of this month has been created by Nicolas Villeminot on previous gallery featured image, Robot. You won’t want to miss this one as Nicolas has put together a beautiful article showing the stages of creation right from the early sketches through to the refined line work and showing the different stages of colouring. A very intricately painted piece with a beautiful concept – check out page 103.

Well that’s it for this month. Enjoy and see you next time for more! Ed.


What's in this month...
Chen Lin (wanbao) - Illustrator from China

Interview: Marek Okon - Illustrator, Concept Artist & Game Designer

Article: Wheelman Concept Art by Midway Games

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Challenges: Stylised Characters This Month’s Finalists/Last Month’s Making Ofs

NEW!! Tutorial Series :Vehicle Painting

Tutorial Series: Speed Painting by Justin Albers & Richard Tilbury

Tutorial Series: Space Painting Transport: Chapter 8 – Space Stations by Chee Ming Wong

Making Of: Robot - Project Overview by Nicolas Villeminot

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v3 - Free Chapter Book Promotion