Issue 92 | August 2013
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Welcome to the August 2013 issue of 2dartist magazine!

In celebration of our new look magazine; we bring you the inner thoughts of fantasy’s darkest artist, Brom, as well as a brilliant array of his haunting work in our feature interview. Speaking of fantasy, Jeff Miracola also takes us on a tour of his sketchbook, sharing tips and techniques amongst the pages of barbarians and goblins.

Even though we have a brand new look, the content inside is still as high quality as ever, full up with amazing images from the digital world, including a diverse selection of step-by-step tutorials to help you grow as a digital artist. What you’ll notice now is that all this lovely content is so much easier to read and enjoy!


What's in this month...
Brom – Fantasy Art Legend
Brom talks Kickstarter, traditional vs. digital and super powers in this exclusive interview.

Wizards Of The Coast
Fantasy game illustrator, Jeff Miracola, shares his techniques, mixed media goblins and muscular warriors.

Top 10 Images
Serge Birault and Andreas Rocha feature in this issues gallery selection of our top ten inspirational images from around the digital world.

Evolution - Low Gravity
Talented Photoshop artist, Charlie Bowater shares her digital-painting techniques when concepting playful low gravity characters.

Paint Fantastical Cities
Learn the secrets to creating stunning concepts in Photoshop with YongSub Noh, as he creates and paints a fantastic fortress city.

Create sinister Attire
Ahmed Aldoori takes us through the steps and methods in Photoshop to fashion medieval get-up.

Develop victorious personalities
Learn the art of designing conquering heroes with Fernando Acosta, as he leads us through his process of painting ‘Gladius’ in Photoshop.

Paint a Personal Portrait
Khasis Lieb shares his step-by-step guide to painting portraits.

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