Issue 96 | December 2013
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Welcome to the December issue of 2dartist magazine!

We’re rounding off the year with a mix of sci-fi engines and exoskeletons, rural and regal fantasy lands and a collection of works from some of the brightest and most prolific artists of the past year.

Adorning our cover for the final issue of the year, we have the work of Framestore’s Matte Painting Supervisor, Jason Horley. Jason has worked on some of this year’s biggest cinematic releases, including Gravity and 47 Ronin. This issue he shares some of his industry knowledge with us, along with his cracking portfolio!

Also inside you’ll see how Albert Ramon Puig created his incredibly detailed 80s-inspired exoskeleton. Enjoy!


What's in this month...
The art of matte-painting
We catch up with matte-painter Jason Horley to chat about his work on Gravity

The sketchbook of Mike Butkus
Leading movie concept artist, Mike Butkus lets us explore his world of kooky characters

The gallery
Fuad Ghaderi and Byzwa Dher feature in this issue’s gallery selection of our top 10 images

Tips for portraying emotions
Francisco Albert demonstrates his approach and techniques to capture an angry mood

Master fantasy scenes
YongSub explores creating atmosphere and depth that you can follow to create your own rural settlement

Generate ideas in Photoshop
Learn how to generate ideas to start the process of producing a digital painting with Rich Tilbury

Learn to paint with photos
Donglu Yu shares and explains techniques used to capture mood and atmosphere in scenes

Learn to paint epic exosuits
Discover Albert Ramon Puig’s process and techniques for painting robotic characters

Create hard-surface environments
Dima Goryainov shares tips on using SketchUp as a base for creating environments

Digital art master: Serge Birault: Learn how the master tackles creating breathtakingly realistic images using Photoshop