Issue 90 | June 2013
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With the movie and games industries bursting with vibrant and exciting characters that tie narratives together, it’s hard to know where to start with your own designs. 2DArtist is full to the brim with exceptional content and inspirational tutorials to provide you with the starting point you need!

In this issue we bring you a new series in evolutionary design, where the artists will be exploring how factors in differently evolved worlds could affect and influence a human character's evolution and anatomy. To begin with, Chase Toole takes us through his thoughts and design process in creating a subterranean character that has evolved with a lack of light.

We also have a stunning step-by-step Making Of from concept painter and illustrator, Donovan Valdes, who shares some useful techniques and tips along the way. Why not also check out the rest of our vibrant tutorial and gallery section where we continue to bring you visually stunning work from some of the most exciting names in the industry, including an exclusive interview with experienced Spanish concept artist Nacho Yague. Nacho talks to us about the gaming world and shares his experiences from working at Ubisoft!.


What's in this month...
Interview: Nacho Yague

The Sketchbook of: David Munoz Velazquez

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 2D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Heroes and Villains - Chapter 1: The Cursed Quill by Mike Hill

Tutorial Series: Designing New Worlds - Chapter 6: Rural Settlement by Gerhard Mozsi

Tutorial Series: Costume Design - Chapter 4: Alchemist by Andrey Pervukhin

Tutorial Series: Evolution - Chapter 1: Lack of Light/Subterranean by Chase Toole

Making Of: Confrontation- Project Overview by Donovan Valdes

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v7 - Free Chapter Book Promotion