Issue 120 | December 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 120!

Hello and welcome to issue 120 of 2dartist magazine! In this month’s issue we have an interview with Lip Comarella, the art director behind animation studio Salon Alpin. We are also talking to traditional artist Scarlett Fu and get a peek at the sketches of the highly popular Marija Tiurina.

This issue also features a tutorial by Ian Jun Wei Chiew on how to speed paint a futuristic interior. Wadim Kashin guides us on how to paint in Photoshop like the traditional Impressionist painters, while Christoph Peters gives a tutorial on painting a fantasy character on a throne. Oscar Gregeborn also shows how to paint an underwater alien landscape. Plus – check out our new competition on page 41!


What in this month…
Innovative animation: Discover the contemporary mixed media animation of Salon Alpin

Crowd inspired drawings: See the detailed traditional illustrations of graphic designer Scarlett Fu

Compelling character illustrations: Dream-like artworks from freelance illustrator Marija Tiurina

The Gallery: Sandra Posada and Jones Sousa show their work in our gallery of 10 inspiring images

Paint like the Impressionists: Learn how to recreate the painting style of the traditional Impressionist painters

Paint light and color: Create a light-filled, atmospheric fantasy scene with this tutorial from Christoph Peters

Create a sleek interior: Speed-paint a stylized, retro interior setting in only an hour

Underwater alien landscape: Oscar Gregeborn shows how even beginners can paint an awesome underwater landscape

Render a sci-fi vehicle: Learn to develop a quick sketch into a complete rendered design

Digital Art Master: Arthur Haas: Look inside Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 and create a vibrant forest scene