Issue 115 | July 2015
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Welcome to 2dartist issue 115!

This month we have some inspiring work from both new and experienced artists. You can try our tutorial demonstrating how to use photo manipulation techniques to create a zombie, and discover how game artist J.C. Park creates his fantasy scene Silver Falcon.

Also in this issue, we have a spotlight on the talented Sylwia Bomba, an interview with up-and-coming artist Oscar Gregeborn, and a look inside the sketchbook of Ubisoft’s Joseba Alexander. Brush up on your environment painting skills in Maciej Drabik’s guide to creating an earthquake scene, or learn how to create an explosion with Jorry Rosman. Jessica Tung Chi Lee also continues our series on painting air vehicles with depth perspective. Enjoy!


What in this month…
Exploring endless possibilities: Up-and-coming freelance artist Oscar Gregeborn discusses his signature style

Paint imaginative realism: Discover Pixar animator Sylwia Bomba’s stunning traditional paintings

Exuberant ink sketches: Ubisoft’s Joseba Alexander shows us the sketchbooks behind his work

The gallery: Be inspired by the work of Gilles Beleoil and Alexander Zienko in our top 10 images

Photo-manipulate a zombie: Turn yourself into a grizzly zombie using this quick and fun photo-manipulation tutorial

Design a dynamic dropship: Jessica Tung Chi gives us her take on creating a vehicle using two-point perspective

Create a post-earthquake city: Shake the landscape of your art with Maciej Drabik’s guide for our environment series

Craft explosive destruction: Learn how to alter an environment with an explosion with Jorry Rosman

Classic portraiture: See how Julien Lasbleiz creates his striking realistic portraits of women

Build a futuristic scene: J.C. Park shows us how he constructed an image with impact in his piece Silver Falcon

Digital Art Master: Thomas Scholes: Thomas Scholes demonstrates how to rework previously abandoned images with Snowfall